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A Personalized Approach To Fighting Zealously For You

When you need the assistance and representation of an attorney, you might be experiencing life-altering events in your life. You may want to turn to someone you can trust and who will guide you through a highly complex situation.

Since I started practicing law in 1997 after my admission to the California State Bar, my goal has been to fight and protect my clients’ rights until they are satisfied with the results. The circumstances and facts that led to their need for a lawyer are unique. Therefore, it is vital to understand each client’s case and expectations. This approach has led to continuous referrals of my work from past clients to their family, friends and loved ones. I firmly believe that one of my most significant achievements is gaining the trust of those who have decided to leave their cases in my hands.

I am attorney Ruben Ruiz, and from my law firm in Ventura, my goal is to guide, counsel and become the voice of my clients to address their current legal needs. I am aware of the everlasting impact a dedicated lawyer can make in someone’s life. Therefore, I strive to ensure you have the legal representation you deserve at the Law Office Of Ruben M. Ruiz.

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Assertive And Compassionate Legal Defense And Advocacy For Your Future

When I take your case, I know that how your legal matter is handled today will play a significant role in your future and welfare. From the first consultation with me, I will be straight about your situation, your options and how I can assist you. I will personally handle your legal issue and case to ensure you receive the service and attention you deserve.

I handle cases involving criminal charges ranging from DUI to domestic violence. I also advocate for the best interests of injury victims or surviving loved ones who seek justice. My services portfolio also includes cases related to employment issues; I aggressively protect those who need defense from their employees.

Having a knowledgeable attorney involved early in your situation can significantly affect the outcome. Let me assist you and guide you throughout the legal process you face.

You Have A Free Case Evaluation

There is nothing to lose in a free consultation and much to gain. Contact my office today at 805-644-8321 to make an appointment. You can also email me using this secure online form. I also welcome walk-ins. Además, también hablo español.