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Fiercely Advocating For You When Facing Criminal Charges

Any criminal accusation can potentially ruin your future and that of your loved ones. If you face criminal accusations, the prosecution and law enforcement must prove their case. You can fight back, and that is when you need an experienced and fierce criminal defense attorney in your corner.

From my Ventura office, I strive to be a zealous legal advocate for my clients and make their cases before the necessary authorities. Drawing from over 25 years of experience, I will develop legal strategies and arguments to protect my clients’ rights and freedom. I know the consequences a criminal record could bring to an individual’s life, like losing future work or educational opportunities. When you have a lot to lose, I am ready to fight with you at Law Office Of Ruben M. Ruiz.

Ready To Negotiate Or Take Your Case To Court

The facts and circumstances surrounding a criminal charge are unique. Understanding every detail is key to building a solid case. Therefore, I will engage in a thorough investigation of your case and discuss your options with you. There are many advantages to having a skilled lawyer involved in your situation during the early stages. For example, I can advise whether it is in your best interest to enter into a plea bargain or any other type of legal resource. I am also ready to go to court if that is what it takes to protect your rights.

I represent the rights of clients facing charges in California, such as:

  •         Accusations of domestic violence
  •         Possession of drugs and other drug crimes
  •         DUI charges, either first or recurrent offense

If you were arrested, received a notice to attend a hearing or are under criminal investigation, call me. Talk to me first before law enforcement. You should decline to speak with the authorities until you have an experienced attorney in your corner.

Contact A Lawyer That Truly Cares About Your Future

I am attorney Ruben Ruiz, and I want to hear your case. Call my office at 805-644-8321 or send an email. Puedo hablar sobre sus opciones y derechos en español.